Using a high quality bearing alone does not guarantee that your machine will perform with utmost reliability.

You need ZKL sleeves to mount your bearings on in order to get the optimum performance out them.

A bearing needs to be fitted on a shaft with interference fit in order to ensure that the bearing inner ring and the shaft rotates together as a single body even while carrying load. After the Bearing is mounted on the sleeve , the extent of contact between the Bearing and the Sleeve , and the sleeve and the Shaft should be atleast 80%.

Unlike most of the brands available in the market , ZKL Sleeves are made from Prime Quality Carbon steel Pipes / Forgings and machined in CNC Machines. This ensures that the Form Tolerances and Radial Run Out of the Sleeves strictly conform to the relevant Standard.

ZKL Sleeves – the arms that your bearings need in their relentless battle to keep your machines going on and on.