Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

  • Single-row angular contact ball bearings of non-separable construction. They are manufactured in multiple series. They are capable of running silently with low friction and high rigidity. These bearings are suitable for high rpm.
  • Single-row angular contact ball bearings have rings with angular points of contact with the balls so that the contact line forms an acute angle with the perpendicular line on the bearing axis. These bearings can transmit radial and axial forces simultaneously. Axial forces are only transmitted in one direction. Thrust duty increases with growing contact angle. Thus with mounting of a pair of bearings in a suitable arrangement – Back-to-Back or Face-to-Face, capacity to carry axial load-in both the direction can be achieved. The Tandem arrangement, on the other hand, allows the bearing to increase it’s axial load carrying ability.
  • Single-row angular contact ball bearings are manufactured with normal accuracy. Bearings with higher running accuracy can also be supplied.