The basic Purpose of bearing housing is to absorb bearing load and provide dust free environment with lubrication retaining facility and hold bearing stationary outer ring.

However to improve the bearing life & it’s reliability, the housing need to have following quality features.

  • To have bore with perfect roundness.
  • No blow holes in the casting.
  • Perfect centre height from base.
  • Provide adequate room for lubricant.
  • Provide effective sealing to avoid ingress of dirt, water & moisture.
  • Proper sealing arrangement to prevent lubricant leakage.

The ZKL Bearing housings range has been developed to accommodate all industrial requirements, operating parameters and suit various industrial locations.

To fulfill all industrial conditions , housing are developed in different sizes , shapes and material. According to this , housings are designated for easy customer understanding and selections.

Most of the ZKL Bearing housings are horizontally splited , suitable for bearings having Tapered bore or Cylindrical Bore. These housing are made from high grade cast iron or cast steel.

The cast steel housings are generally selected for heavy loads and / or shock loads applications.