Cross – Split Roller Bearings

  • ZKL bearing are used extensively in heavy engineering and mining industries and in many other industrial segments as wel as in agricultural equipment. The heavy engineering segment especially utilizes special bearings which are currently paid special attention in our company. These are cross-split roller bearings, the construction and manufacture technology of which are in ZKL tested on special roller bearings up to the 900 mm outer diameter and on spherical roller bearings up to the 1 600 mm outer diameter. The portfolio of these bearings is constantly extended and puts ZKL among the prominent world manufacturers.
  • The cross-split bearings are suitable for applications mainly in those conditions where axial mounting of the bearing into the seating is unfeasible, which is for instance multiply seated shafts, crankshafts or long transmissions, or in such cases when mounting of the bearings into the seating would be too long, and the resulting shutdown of the device would cause severe operation faults.
  • Most frequently used cross-split bearings in the world are the single-row roller and double-row spherical roller bearings. Both the above mentioned design groups are included in the ZKL’s production programme. The said bearings have a radial-split outer ring, inner ring and also the cage for conducting the roller elements. The cages are usually massive, brass. Both halves of the cage are coupled to be able to resist dynamic forces, which the cage is exposed to during the operation. Both halves of the inner ring are placed on the shaft with the help of belting rings, equipped with a threaded joint, provided with an arresting mechanism. The splitting joint between the halves of the outer ring can be perpendicular to the front of the ring. On the other hand, the plane of separation of the inner ring is designed as inclined at an angle, so that no impacts occur during rolling of the roller elements in the loaded zone on the edge of the plane of separation.