Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings

  • Spherical roller thrust bearings are of separable construction, The shaft washer is assembled with the cage and a number of asymmetrical spherical rollers and has to be used along with a housing washer having sphered raceway. During mounting, the rings are to be fixed on to their respective seats – shaft washer on the shaft and housing washer on to the housing and then they have to be put together carefully They are manufactured in multiple series.
  • The raceway of the housing washer is at an angle with it’s ais of rotation, so as to be able to allow the rollers to remain in touch with it. As a result, a spherical roller thrust bearing is capable of carrying both a radial as well as an axial load. Spherical roller thrust bearings – because of their internal geometry – are capable of accommodating certain amount of misalignment. However, they can take axial loads only from one direction, and may need to be used in pairs in Back-to-Back or Face-to-Face arrangement, if thrust load from both the directions are to be carried.
  • Spherical roller thrust bearings are capable of compensating misalignment and shaft deflection.
  • The bearings are manufactured in normal accuracy. However, bearings with higher running accuracy can also be supplied.