Sound Level Meter

ZSLM – 130

Most machines work in environments where noise – levels are high. It is difficult to identify particular sounds / noise elements associated with rotational fluctuations within that ambient sound. If the machine is running with / without adequate lubrication , normal noise is disturbed and the ‘frictional noise’ can only be distinguished and measured by such sensitive instruments as the ZKL Sound Level Meter which are accurate upto 130dB.

This meter is an invaluable aid on the shop – floor helping technicians and other users to measure sound levels , detect any flaws / problems and helping them to take corrective / remedial measures.

Who would benefit

The ZKL Sound LEVEL Meter is the instrument – of- choice for Safety Engineers , Health , Industrial Safety Offices and Quality Control Departments working in varied environments as IEC 651 Type – II, ANSI S1.4II.