Oil Seals


Rotary shaft tip seals are components designed in a ring form , fitted between machine parts in relative rotation, with the function of separating oil or grease from the inside and dirt , dust, water etc. from the outside.

The rotary shaft seals are generally composed of an elastomeric diaphragm , shaped in a “lip form” and reinforced with a Co-Vulcanized metal insert .The Sealing lip is energized with a “Garter Spring”.

Seal Design

The sealing lip design corresponds to the current state of art and is based on many years of experience in a wide range of a application fields.

The sealing edge can either be ready be ready molded or trimmed by mechanical cutting.

The total radial force of the sealing lip is given by elastomer pre-tension together with tensile spring force. The Former depends on the deformation and elasticity of the rubber material, geometry of the sealing lip and interference between shaft and seal.