Paper processing has undergone a sea – change. New technologies , new process , higher speeds, superior quality are the order of the day. Paper mills today are high performers and their equipment, especially bearings need to perform better, longer and more reliably in an environment friendly manner than ever before.

ZKL Greases are specially formulated new generation lubricants that not only reduce friction , wear and tear , but can operate at higher speeds, higher operating temperatures and high load conditions. ZKL Greases are made with special additives such as molybdenum, lithium, calcium and aluminium complexes. ZKL Greases remain mechanically stable and do not harden or thicken quickly , have excellent resistance to water , which helps extend the operating life of both the grease and the bearing.

ZKL recommends use of non Toxic PFG greases for paper mills. For your paper mills requirement pf ZKL Greases – contact your nearest ZKL office or ZKL Authorized Distributor immediately.