Double Row Self-Aligning Ball Bearings

  • Double-row self-aligning ball bearings are non-separable. They are made in multiple series and with open construction. They are capable of running with low friction and at higher rpm.
  • The double-row self-aligning ball bearings are manufactured with cylindrical or tapered bore, the taper ratio being 1:12.
  • The bearings with tapered bore are required to be fitted either onto a shaft with tapered seating on the shaft, or by means of an adapter sleeve onto a cylindrical shaft.
  • These bearings can transmit radial and limited axial forces.
  • The double-row self-aligning ball bearings have two rows of balls with a common spherical track on the outer ring. This allows misalignment of the bearing inner ring with respect to the outer ring around the centre of the bearing, without affecting its correct function. These bearings are capable of compensating lack of co-axiality between the shaft and the housing, shaft deflection and even machining defect in the support structure that may give rise to the misalignment after assembly.
  • The bearings are supplied with standard clearance and with normal accuracy class. Bearings with lower or higher radial clearance as well as higher accuracy can also be supplied.